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 ARU and URDT Participate in the 5th CSO Fair

African Rural University (ARU) and the Uganda Rural Development and Training Progra (URDT ) participated in the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) fair  that took place on June 25-26, 2015 at Hotel Africana. The theme of the Fair was ‘Leaving No One Behind: Uganda’s Place in the Next Global Development Agenda.’ Ms. Joy Samantha Bongyereire, a lecturer at African Rural University (ARU) and Ms. Namboze Flavia, a graduate of ARU and an Epicenter Manager URDT. The Fair was organized by the Uganda National NGO Forum and funded by the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF). Read More


Call for applications for 2015/2016 intake

The Academic Registrar African Rural University invites Female Applicants for September 2015/2016 in-take for a Bachelors Degree of Science in Technologies for Rural Transformation (BSc. TRT) or a Certificate course in  Rural  Entrepreneurship and Business Management (CREB). Read More



Prof.David Baguma of African Rural University recognized for journal peer reviews

Peer review is the cornerstone of science, and Elsevier is dedicated to supporting and recognizing Reviewers of their journals. Prof. David Baguma of African Rural University (ARU), Uganda is one the reviewers of Elsevier Publishers. Prof. Baguma has contributed to review and publication processes of more than 100 papers for many high impact journal articles. Elsevier V. B established MY Elsevier Reviews Profile aimed to create a standard way of recording and acknowledging reviewer’s efforts. During 2014, Prof. Baguma reviewed for Elsevier Journals, such as Food Research International and Agricultural Water Management. Read More

27 05 2015

AFPF shares about communication in FC

In the foundation course that took place on the 27th May, 2015, Angela Christiana the director of operations and a communications expert from African Food and Peace Foundations shared with the URDT family the three ways in which a person can make effective communication to the donor community and other fundraising documentaries. In her speech, Angela talked about the following: Read More


 The Importance of Foundation Course 

Partners from the African Food and Peace Foundation (AFPF) were introduced to the reasons why the URDT family attends a Foundation Course (FC) every morning from Monday  to Friday. The FC is a continuous event done by URDT and her institutions. It is usually attended by the URDT Staff, African Rural niversity Students and other guests who are willing to share ideas of both social, political and economic importance. Read more