Prof.Juma Calestous recognises ARU's approach

The African Rural University for women provides transformational education to create effective change agents within an African development context. ARU applies theoretical learning, innovative instruction and field practice, so that ARU graduates can create conditions for people to improve their lives, transform their communities, awaken inherent leadership and increase their capacity for self-generating and sustainable change. 


Prof. Juma According to Calestous (2014) an emerging major policy focus for Africa is its increasing capacity to feed itself and become an important player in global food trade. Equally important is the inequality between men and women when it comes to access to land, credit, technology and other agricultural inputs. This is particularly important given the fact that majority of Africa's farmers are women.

The African Rural University (ARU) was set up in the Kibaale district of western Uganda to address this fact. It addresses the fact that new models are needed to extend higher technical training to women farmers who are the frontline innovators.

A key feature of the new university is to help young women envision the future they want and design strategies to achieve their goals. Their programming is tailored to meet locally identified needs that value local lifestyles and traditions while allowing the adoption of new technologies and improved production.

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Full text of this publication is available at:

Juma, Calestous. "The African Rural University for Women, Uganda." Better By Half, Novemebr 11, 2014.

The President honors ARU Founder

Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe Snr. Ashoka Fellow

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ARU joins the Inter University Council for EA

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