Anakuya Mary Goreth comes from Kyakabadima sub county joined African Rural University in September 2006 to do Bachelor of Rural Development. Her expectation while joining the university was to graduate with a degree in Rural Development and work with communities. Currently she is working Uganda Rural Development Training programme as an Epicenter Manager.

Community Achievement
She worked in collaboration with Local government  NGOs , Institutions like schools churches, communities ,groups and  households in Burora Sub-county. Through the application of CAP she facilitated mobilization  of community persons to form groups and trained group members on  how to develop visions for  their families, groups and individuals to create lasting change  using Visionary Approach, Systems Thinking.

Facilitated training on leadership skills and women in Burora S/C have participated in Local Government and Church leadership they were able to contest for some posts and given votes unlike days before the initiation of ARU/URDT Epicenter program.
Trained community members on Biogas usage, Nutrition for school children, construction of water tanks Example, the family of Senzoga Medadi and Burora Pastoral center is now enjoying all services from Biogas system, The family of Omuhereza Tibenda and Child Care Integrate Nursery and Primary school are enjoying the services of Tanks
School children feeding porridge
Personal Achievement
She facilitated the formation Burora Sub-county Women Leadership Circle and Burora Sub-County Leaders Association. These has led to better service delivery by Local Government to communities. She is proud that there is an immerging change in Burora Sub-County through her leadership on personal, community, groups, religious and women in the sub-County. This is evident in the projects established in the sub-county Although transport was her challenge due to poor roads in the district, she managed to mobilize communities to start projects that attracted funding from the Local government for sustainable development of the community members.

Anakuya Mary Goreth ARU GRADUATE Impact
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