Alinda Joy comes from Katooke Kyenjonjo District. Joy joined African Rural University in September 2006 to study a course of Bachelor of Rural Development. She expected to study for 3 years, but due to the integrated curriculum with cross-cutting co-curricular contents, she studied more years.Currently Joy is employed by URDT as an Epi-center Manager at Kyakabadima Sub-county
Community Achievement
In 2010, Joy was deployed Kagadi Sub-county for her 2 years internship and village practicum.  Along with Local Government Technical staff Joy facilitated community mobilization meetings, conducted training on sustainable agriculture, health hygiene and sanitation, education using CAP to implement government programs, through application of the principles of Creative process, Visionary approach, systems thinking and sustainable development to enable communities, families and individuals develop the visions for their own community and work for their own development.

Joy mobilized the community persons from the villages of Bukungwe, Kigunda A and B, Katahwa and Kihooga, they carried out a road work improvement commonly known as ‘Burungi bwansi” as one of the ways to train communities to make use of the locally available resources for social development. She facilitated groups on sustainable agriculture on seasonal and perennial crops for income generating. Members of Bukungwe Women Learning group presented their farming records out a season as follows:

Name Item Income Expenditure Profit
Kagoro Emmauel Irish potatoes 300,000 245,000 55,000
Kamihanda Irish Potatoes 150,000 95,000 55,000
Tadeo G/nuts 320,000 200,000 120,000

The communities have been trained on record keeping for their projects . Joy together with Sub-county health team, launched a sanitation campaign where each member of the household was to responsibly work in a group and they constructed sanitary structures like bathrooms, drying racks and kitchens for each member. Now there is an improved sanitation and good health in the community.

Personal Development
Despite the challenges faced during the internship and village practicum, Joy is proud that ARU, contributed to her great development, has attained diverse knowledge in leadership, community development, public communication she is able to articulate issue community issues. She has learnt to network and collaborate with Government and NGO stakeholders.

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