Ategeka Kasfa comes from Kiraba Kagadi Sub County, Kibaale district. Kasfa joined African Rural University in September 2006 to study a course in Bachelor of Rural Development.Her expectation while joining the university was to gain knowledge and skills and graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. Kasfa is currently employed by URDT as an Epi-Center Manager in Kabamba Sub-county.
Community Achievement
In 2010, Kasfa was deployed at Kabamba Sub-county for her 2 years internship and practicum for 1 year. She worked hand in hand with Sub-county Local Government technical staff, community members, Sub-county chief and other NGO stakeholders in the community. She applied the principles of creative process, Visionary approach, Systems thinking and Sustainable development in line with CAP to cause mind set change among the community members. Through this she was able to help community members develop group visions, set up sustainable projects that she is still overseeing to date.
Kasfa trained the rural communities on the benefits of maintaining good hygiene and sanitation and as a result according to the survey carried out in July 2015 by A Jamaican intern, results show that all families in Kabamba had pit latrines, 96.67% of people cleaned their latrines on a daily basis. 80% of people prepared clean food, 90% of people swept Village women SACCO meeting    their compounds. A majority of people in Kabamba eat a wide range of carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables that has led to the reduction in flue and cold. The analysis also show that 83.8% of people in Kabamba boil water for drinking and this has prevented contraction /suffering from diseases caused by drinking dirty water.
Kasfa engaged community in periodic checks of sanitation. Cleanliness is of a moderate standard in Kabamba. Most importantly, there is a culture of digging trenches to let the water runoff which could have clogged to cause mosquito multiplication and malaria. There is great improvement.
Personal Achievement
Kasfa is grateful to ARU for nurturing her morally and academically , now she is an all- round person equipped with good leadership skills to handle aspects of agriculture, health, education, sanitation and hygiene at personal, family and community level.
She is a pioneer student of ARU who is also employed by URDT.

Ategeka Kasfa-ARU GRADUATE Impact
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