Mr. Kisembo Charles Goodyear (URDT Institute Graduate) demostrating Biogas Technology
Mr. Kisembo Charles Goodyear (URDT Institute Graduate) demonstrating Biogas Technology

The Epicenter strategy championed by URDT through the Visionary approach has overwhelmingly inspired National Planning Authority-NPA delegates led by Deputy Chairperson Dr.John Abel Rwendeire, following field visits made in Sub Counties in Kibaale district.  The team of delegates from the National Planning Authority has today 24/06/2015 ended their 3 days Learning Experience of how the Visionary approach through the graduates of African Rural University has helped in transforming Rural Communities.
The NPA team visited Kagadi sub county local government and URDT Institute graduates where the epicenter strategy and visionary approach is being implemented.
Good year has shown the power of using the Visionary Approach and has utilized this to guide him and the family members to come up with different projects. He has also demonstrated that it is possible to curb youth unemployment and he has demonstrated the use of different technologies and different approaches to make progress in using the little land accompanied with a well-drawn family vision and farm plan.
During a field visit to Kagadi sub county local government, Dr. Abel Rwendeire noted a comprehensive impact created by the Epicenter Strategy that he recommended for all local government to effectively realize Uganda vision 2040.
Sunday Erick the sub county chief Kagadi(Kenga) demonstrated a paradigm shift in action planning from problem solving orientation to the Creative Orientation (visionary Approach) as well as an increased income per capita from 3M to 15M within 2012 – 2015 each household amongst over 300 families.

Mr. Sunday Eric Subcounty Chief Kagadi explaining the Visionary Approach to NPA Delegation
Mr. Sunday Eric Subcounty Chief Kagadi explaining the Visionary Approach to NPA Delegation

On the same visit residents from various villages of Kihayura parish recommended government entities to take-up the Epicenter Strategy towards the realization of Community Transformation.

The Founder African Rural University and Chief Executive Officer URDT Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe Senior called for a fundamental change in planning that creates public awareness for primary choices to Visionary for sustainable development.

Epicenter strategy by URDT inspires National Planning Authority
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