To bring total transformation, there is need to have agents. This is a reason why ARU continuously builds the capacities of its staff both internally and externally. On this basis, ARU organized a four day workshop where all academic staff of ARU and the administrators were engaged in, so as to gain deeper understanding of the Principles of Creating which include: Mastery of the principles of creative process, Mastery of the principles systems thinking and Mastery of the principles sustainable development. These three are a backbone of transformation.

The workshop was to ensure uniformity in the transformation language among the staff of ARU, encourage conversational rather than conventional approach to education and to trigger learning and personal new life orientation at three levels of Individual, Graduate and cause Global impact.

The Faculty Dean Mr. Niwagaba Ben Ffacilitating

The workshop yielded several outcomes among which are; has enhanced thought system of the ARU staff in the three masteries a thing that will guide programme design, delivery and application at different levels as mentioned above. More so an action plan which will guide other trainings that are continuously meant to build the capacities of the staff so as to work effectively to cause systemic change and rural transformation.

Group Photo After the Workshop
Story by Ms. Akello Agnes- ARU Communications Officer
Academic Staff Capacity Building Workshop
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