Rwensande Abagambakamu Women Group with 30 members was Started  in June 2016 with the support of Asiimwe Evelyne who is a URDT Epicentre Manager in Kyakabadiima. Evelyne is also field mentor to Kasuze Esther who is one of the ARU students doing internship. The intern student is learning how the Epicenter Strategy and visionary approach to rural transformation works.

The Group is engaged in different activities including poultry projects, piggery and the group also has a weekly Savings and Credit scheme. Every week, each member saves UGX 2500, which is UGX 10,000 in a month and UGX 120,000 in a year. This is equivalent to UGX 3,600,000 total savings in a year.

Rwensandye Abagambakamu Women Group -Review workshop on Vision Implementation and Credit and Saving

From the Savings and Credit Scheme and poultry and piggery projects, some members of this group have started constructing permanent houses and  paying school fees for their children to access quality education. The Group practice collective work through building drying racks, bathing shades and energy saving stoves.

Kasuze Esther is being mentored by  Mr. Tusiime John,Faculty mentor at ARU, visits the group during to exchange ideas on visioning process and gender issues in development.

Article by John Tusiime

Intern Mentoring in Kyakabadiima Sub-county
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