The ARU office of the Academic Registrar has held a public lecture on integrating skills in higher education. The lecture took place on the 24-10-2018 at the ARU Center for Reflection and Development Hall. The lecture was lead by Associate Professor Ijeoma B. Anumaka (PhD) from Kampala International University College of Education, Open, Distance and E-learning.

Dr. Ijeoma said that small and medium enterprises are the major source of income for Ugandan and African as a whole. These enterprises play a major role in the national economies owing to innovations and economic growth.

Associate Professor Ijeoma B. Anumaka (PhD) during the public lecture

She also added that  the African continent is facing a big challenge as higher education is expanding in numbers and range of qualification. “We tend to focus more on quantity instead of quality. Universities are facing enormous challenges in enhancing quality relevance.” Says Dr. Ijeoma.

She put a lot of emphasis on self-discovery at all levels and advised that if the education attained by an individual cannot help him/her, he/she should switch to self-discovery. She added that one third of all the students graduating in higher education today have not acquired critical skills.

She called upon participants in the lecture and Uganda in general to uphold the principal of self-empowerment through acquiring knowledge, data and information. The lecture brought together staff and students of ARU, URDT, staff from 24  Sub counties and community members from within Kagadi District.

ARU Holds a Public Lecture on Integrating Skills in Higher Education
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