ARU students lead by the Guild President Ms. Christine Anyinge Ojok have introduced the concept of care economy to the people of Kagadi District. The students body organized a campaign for   they have called Keep Kagadi Clean, with the aim of improving sanitation standards of the Kagadi Town Council and also awakening the neighboring places to take care of their surrounding. The exercise took place on the 20th October 2018 in Kagadi Town Council, Kagadi District Western Uganda

Some ARU Students during the Keep Kagadi Clean Campaign

Speaking at the end of the campaign, the ARU Guild president Ms. Christine Anyige Ojok thanked the various stakeholders who participated in the campaign and stated that the exercise was a benchmark to the sanitation of towns in a move to achieve the Uganda Vision 2040.

Ms. Christine Anyinge Ojok (Left) during an interview with the press

The university secretary Ms. Jacqueline Akello said that Students came up with the initiative and was embraced by the university management. She said that students have passion in a clean University and Town Council adding that they are happy with the Town Council official for the ideas.

ARU University Secretary Ms. Jacqueline (holding the microphone)  Akello giving her remarks after the Keep Kagadi Campaign

Jacqueline called upon residents of Kagadi Town Council and Kagadi District as a whole to always prevent diseases than incurring heavy treatment costs.  She added that being proactive by preventing different diseases before they spread saves a lot of money for people. “Health is wealthy!” says Jacqueline. She also handed over a rubbish collection bins to Kagadi Market vendors

The campaign also attracted other participants including but not limited to ARU staff, Staff and students of URDT Schools, and Kagadi Town Council Staff. 

Creating Awareness About the Care Economy
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