African Rural University aspires to create a core of visionary female leader to champion rural transformation. This is because of the belief that Uganda and Africa needs more female leaders in championing rural transformation in poor communities. The Africa Rural University curriculum draws on intrinsic value of a woman leader as a teacher, the mother, the coach, the guide, peacemaker, social integrator, the intuitive and rational manager etc. Women by their nature perform integrated work, at family and household levels. These strengths need to be tapped and nurtured for community and continental development.

Women have inherent capacity to mobilize and teach around an issue. The ARU Programme Prepares the field worker to engage with rural people as subjects rather than objects of development. The rural people in their natural communities form the ARU social laboratory. Thus the people are part and parcel of the development processes. They are co-creator in innovation that can enable them progress with the ARU students/staff as facilitators while at the same time learners in the process. The ARU Programme has courses for self –discovery, appreciation of inherent resource and the capacities to use them.

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