URDT is blessed with a beautiful environment that harbors most of the creatures. It is having a range of sites that one can visit and be in position to entertain and the same time learns something new relating these creatures. With its green belt which grows naturally, it consists of different species of fauna and flora. Several kinds of tourism activities can be accessed in ARU campus which include: bird watching where one can be in position to see more than 36 bird species, animal trekking where there are clear trails that lead one to the habituated families of the different animal species, and at the same be in able to see over 45 tree species. Nature walk too can be done where one is able to learn different kinds of gifts in nature. Within the ARU campus is a demonstration farm where best agricultural practices are shown and acts as a learning center for developmental organizations, education institutions and farmers within and outside the district. Most appealing are apiary and the fish pond. There is also a cultural assets center that is contains over 250 artifacts, living encyclopedia and literature. . ARU campus is also blessed with beautiful hurts doted in the middle of the campus and leaves a lot to be desired. This is accompanied by a herborium that is enriched with over 150 varieties of plants that contain different healing capacities and food contents. These are also used as learning ground for students who are instructed by traditional wisdom specialists who have innate wisdom and share with students during their practical lessons.


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