ARU provides modest hostel facilities with electricity and water supply. In their second year of studies, students have an option to rent outside campus in walking distance in Kagadi Town Council.  The rentals are in a ten-minute walkable distance.

Communication Services

Kagadi Town Council has full telephone network coverage of MTN-Uganda, Orange, Airtel, Warid and Uganda Telecom. The signal is good for both voice and data services.

ARU has a modern and well equipped Computer Lab connected to the Internet for University academic, research, and personal use. An Internet Café also exists on campus for computer and Internet access for personal use at a small fee.

Campus Life

Health facilities

In additional to a number of preventive strategies, ARU offers, on-campus clinical services where counseling and first aid are administered, In its vicinity, there is a fully fledged Kagadi Government Hospital and four moderate Private Health Facilities within a walkable distance. The University contributes 50% to all students’ medical expenses incurred during semester session.


ARU offers to students modest hostel facilities on campus. All first year students are required to stay in hostel. Continuing students have an option to rent the university. The rentals are in a ten-minute walkable distance.

Recreational facilities (Games, sports and entertainment)
ARU has a number of indoor recreational and sports facilities including DSTV access, table tennis, volley ball, netball and sports engagements. Infrastructure is modern and adequate for all our students.

Centers of worship
ARU being a secular, has no center of worship for any specific religious denomination. However, the University is surrounded by various religious worship centers which are in a walkable distance.

Other facilities

In additional to the above mentioned facilities, ARU has a community radio, and Agro-Eco-Tourism center on campus. Life at ARU is what you make it.

Co-Curricular Activities

ARU offers a wide range of co curricular activities including learning and leadership circles, games and sports, arts and crafts, music, dance and drama.
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