African Rural University presented its 8th Graduands with Bachelors degree of Rural development on a Graduation Ceremony held on the 25th November 2022 at the main campus in Kagadi  A total of 11 Graduands were presented by University.

Ms. Ejang Mirriam emerged the best student with a CGPA of 4.5

Speaking to the congregation, the Vice Chancellor Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe On behalf of ARU, welcomed all people to the remarkable 8th graduation ceremony of African Rural University (ARU). And thanked them for positively responding to the invitation. He also welcomed the Guest of Honour, Dr. Fred Kaliisa Kabagambe to ARU and thanked him for having accepted to grace the occasion with his presence. He also thanked the University Chancellor for reliably presiding over all the graduation ceremonies including the 8th with us in person.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the University Council, Management, students, and staff of African Rural University, he congratulated graduands upon reaching the wonderful day.

He added that since the re-opening of educational institutions, we celebrate this graduation ceremony physically although under the threat of Ebola. I urge all of you to please maintain compliance with the SOPs for both EBOLA and Covid-19 in order to prevent the spread of the deadly diseases and save lives.  I thank the Almighty God for the life we still have, since some of our friends and relatives have not made it to today. As you may be aware, on 20th September 2022, the Ministry of Health announced the Ebola Outbreak in Mubende. Six health workers have died and many other people in the community.

He  congratulated all the eleven (11) graduands who were conferred with Bachelors’ degree of Rural Transformation by the Chancellor this morning, after having satisfied the committee of examiners and senate for the awards..

He told the chancellor that, as a testimony of the relevance of the University, this year 2022, one of our students by the names of “Birungi Janepher”, who carried out her  internship in Mugarama Sub-County Kibaale District,  was identified and selected by the Katikiro of Bunyoro Kingdom, to go and train different technologies and skills to different women groups in four districts (Kibaale, Hoima, Masindi and Buliisa). This was a great achievement for the University and an indication that our education model is relevant and we are producing the best. You may wonder how this is done! We have a human resource that is well trained. The senior technical staff, the administrators, and the support staff who work as a team. The environment and support services at this University are very conducive to skills, knowledge development, discovery, and mentorship.

Teaching and learning.

He added that the University has taken great progresses since the last graduation of December 2021.

Out of the five (05) programmes that were accredited by the National Council for Higher Education, one science programme that is Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture (BSSA) was launched and currently, we have a total number of 10 students undertaking this new programme.

In addition, we have revised our curricular to realign with our Education Model and continued to recruit competent staff to manage our programmes.

Research and publications;

Mr. Chancellor Sir, the University research unit has continued to be vibrant and active. Four consultancies have been undertaken including One (01) from Carnage Social Initiative, (01) one from Mustard seed Trust and the Two from URDT. I take the opportunity to thank Dr. Kaddu Mukasa the DVC, for the effort he has put in to work on the research consultancies given to us and build the capacity of the staff in some areas of research. As a result, through consultancies done under research this year, the University income has increased by 15% compared to last year.

Community engagement:

Mr. Chancellor Sir, the university has continued to engage in community work through the practicum and internship programmes. This year, 16 students of year two and year three were deployed for a one-month practicum in the month of April and then 10 students were deployed for internship from May to October this year, and here they are graduating.

Infrastructure Development Projects:

Mr. Chancellor Sir, we have completed construction of the University sick bay, stocked and now functional. The wall fence has been constructed and by the end of this year, we shall have completed the construction of a two-way gate and enclosed the whole campus land with a chain link to create enough security for our students and staff.

Mr. Chancellor Sir, in response to the requirements of the National Council for Higher Education, we are constructing a Multipurpose Resource Center, as one of the requirements, which will contain a well-stocked library, lecture rooms and other relevant offices to create a conducive teaching and learning environment.

ICT Infrastructure

Mr. Chancellor Sir, the fact that University education can only remain relevant if appropriately resourced technologically, ARU has upgraded the ICT infrastructure in partnership with RENU, for effective e learning and e teaching, research, community engagement, and innovation and for ease of management and cost containment.

Students’ enrollment

Mr. Chancellor Sir, ARU has a total number of 50 students, undertaking two programmes (Bachelor of Rural Development –BRD and Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture-BSSA) 10 students in BSSA and 40 students in BRD. The year 2022/2023 commenced on 22ndOctober 2022 for both new and continuing students and will end on 15th March 2023.Today, we are presenting 11 candidates for the conferment of degrees.

Students’ recruitment involves media (TV and Radio) and person-to-person enrolment. A software package was designed to enable online application.


Mr. Chancellor Sir, it is gratifying to know that African Rural University has strategically continued to collaborate with and maintain a number of partners purposely to improve our service delivery and ensure quality education.  We are in collaboration with a number of partners including;

  • Mustardseed Trust, African Food and Peace Foundation, and Carnegie Social Initiatives, who have supported us financially
  • UNESCO Chair for Lifelong Learning Youth Entrepreneurship and Work,
  • Uganda Vice Chancellor’s Forum,
  • Inter University Council for East Africa, Ugandan University Quality Assurance Forum,
  • RENU
  • CUUL
  • Austrian-African Research Network of which ARU is now a fully paid-up Founding Member
  • African UniNet
  • Professors Without Boarders (PROWIBO) and very many others

Their support system has enabled the University to continue functioning and implementing her operational plans. I take the opportunity to thank them all for their interminable contribution and support towards the growth of this University.

Mr. Chancellor Sir, as I conclude, I would like to express my appreciation to the Government of Uganda through the Central government agencies especially, Ministry of Education and the National Council for Higher Education for  their continued support and guidance.

Once again, I would like to acknowledge the role played by the Chancellor, Hon. Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi and the current Chairperson University Council, Hon. Mrs. Joyce Mpanga, for their enabling leadership and guidance towards the growth of this University.

He also thanked the University Council and Senate for providing the policy framework, strategic direction, stewardship and exemplary leadership to propel the university to greater heights.

Also  acknowledged the contribution of ARUs partners (AFPF, Mustardseed Trust, Ashoka, Carnegie Initiative to mention but a few for buying into a mission and vision of ARU.

He  sincerely thanked the local governments especially the Sub counties and Districts that have accepted our graduates as resources in social economic transformation of the communities and I sincerely thank all other stakeholders who have participated in various capacities to ensure our students attain success.

To all parents and guardians as well as sponsors, he thanked them for supporting the young women graduating today; thank you for all the sacrifices you have made in raising tuition over the years your work has not been in vain.

He also expressed his gratitude to all the staff for serving this University diligently. Their support is what makes African Rural University to be what it is.

Finally, He appreciated all graduands who  graduated upon their successful completion of the Academic Programme. As they pursue their careers,  they should be ARUs goodwill ambassadors. He urged them to join the Alumni and help develop the great University.

On his speech the Chancellor Hon Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi  thanked the Guest of Honour for having accepted to grace this occasion with his presence.

He added that they are commissioning 11 graduates who  were mentored by graduates that work as Epicentre Managers in the sub counties deployed by URDT.  ‘’Last time  we were recovering from  COVID 19 and the university is now fully operational. This time there is Ebola Virus Disease threat but not as severe’’

The university has introduced a full scholarship for those eligible to persue the Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture.

ARU  remains committed to creating  a pool of female leaders who are capable of participating in the socio-economic empowerment of the marginalized, and also providing rigorous scientific input into the design and practice of rural development processes by offering an integrated curriculum.

African Rural University  will in the coming year focus on the acquisition of  a Charter. All efforts will be directed towards this important milestone. The construction of  the ARU Multi-Purpose  Library and Resource Centre with support from our partners African Food and Peace Foundation is on. We are mobilising for  support for   this grand undertaking.

He thanked ARU’s Partners (AFPF, Mustard seed Trust, Social initiative, Ashoka and UNESCO Chair to mention but a few for buying into the mission and vision of ARU.

He thanked the twenty district local governments that have accepted our graduates under Young Africa Works Programme as  resources in social economic transformation. He further thanked   the Ministry of Education and Sports and the National Council for Higher Education NCHE  for continued policy guidance.

He also thanked the University Council, Senate, and all staff members for your support and selfless commitment in making this a success.

African Rural University will now concentrate on training  and mentoring our students to have the core masteries of Principles of Creating, Systems Thinking and the context of our Work-Sustainable Development. We shall also explore how to integrate  Care Economy, Nourishment and Climate Smart Agriculture as audited courses-He added.

He communicated that the university  Facilities for training will be improved  to facilitate practicals, emphasis being  on  Integrating research and innovations in training in line with the university mission.

The chairman ARU Council Hon.Joyce Mpanga commended the work of ARU Council as the main policy-making body of the university and for ensuring that the university remains true to its objectives and policies.

She appreciated the Local governments especially the 20 Districts and 29 Sub-counties that have accepted our graduates as resources in social economic transformation of the communities) and Central government agencies especially Ministry of Education and Sports and the National Council for Higher Education for continued guidance, academic and non-academic staff of ARU, parents and last but not the least the graduands we are celebrating today.

On behalf of the ARU Governing Council, she welcomed everyone to the  memorable 8th graduation ceremony of ARU. The event that is an institutional landmark, especially for the graduands whose hard-earned reward of a degree is of great importance for them individually, for their families, and for Uganda as a whole.

She thanked the Guest of Honour for having accepted to grace the occasion with his presence. On behalf of the Governing Council, She expressed their deep appreciation to Mr. Chancellor for consistently presiding over all the graduation ceremonies including the 8th.

On the same note, she  appreciated the work of management led by the Vice chancellor, ARU teaching and non-teaching staff for the work well done to uplift the Vision and Mission of the University.

She further thanked the mother organization URDT that has over the years been the largest employer of ARU graduates in the 20 districts and 29 sub-counties. It is gratifying to me to learn that finally the Epicenter Strategy has expanded beyond Bunyoro and has included Mubende and Kasanda districts that I used to represent in the parliament.

Her gratitude also went to parents and guardians who sent their daughters to ARU and have supported them financially, spiritually and emotionally over the past four years.

To the graduands:

Today marks the end of a journey that you began about four years ago, and the beginning of another that will last for the rest of your lives. She congratulated them upon their successful completion of the four years course study.

In her concluding remarks, she emphasized Graduands that in whatever they do, should remain visionary, loving, empathetic and exemplary leaders as they strive to awaken the sleeping genius in each of the people they touch in order achieve sustainable development for self and others.

African Rural University Presents Graduands at the 8th Graduation Ceremony
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