Ms. Akello, a student of African Rural University was an intern in Rutete Sub-County 2009/10-2010/11. Part of her internship was to enable her gain skills in using the visionary approach for community transformation. She was hosted by the community of Rutete, she lived and worked in the community for two years under guidance from University staff. Consequently, the Kamaira community constructed a community owned and run nursery/primary school. By 2015 February, the school that started with 18 children has over 150 pupils Nursery to primary four. The school evolved out of a vision of the community to have graduates in their community, and improve accessibility to quality education for all children.

In a separate parish, seventeen 50 plus elders with mobilization by the intern established Ruteete Sub-county Elders Association (RUSEDA). RUSEDA by March 2015 had 171 registered members and 205 active members (men and women). The association is registered at the sub-county level, has a Chairperson and three Committee Members. It hires internal auditors to check their books.

The Association has several projects running for them which evolved out of the shared vision created with careful facilitation and guidance of the intern from ARU. Amongst the projects are;

Saving and Credit worth twenty three million Uganda Shillings, Tree planting project for income generation and environmental preservation. More than 1,200 eucalyptus trees; 700 pine trees and 25,000 coffee seedlings have been planted by members. The Association has bought a 50×100 ft plot of land to establish a milling machine for value addition to maize, cassava and sorghum.

Ms. Akello attributes the success to good mobilization during internship, the group had a clear vision and purpose, clear objectives, has good leadership, good interpersonal relationships and use of inherent knowledge and wisdom resident amongst the people. ARU trains students to have a holistic approach to issues. They have the ability to apply theory in practice to create lasting change while they are still at school. They facilitate processes to shift people from a responsive-reactive orientation to creating the future they want. The elders are more financially secure and are actively engaged in the development of their sub-county.

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