African Rural University (ARU) has upheld a culture of setting aside time for team learning between members of council and general staff. The team learning is aimed at creating alignment on the philosophy, ideology, tools, language and methods of within ARU. The overriding goal is to have ARU policy makers and implementers have a shared vision of the ARU they are creatively creating.

On the 17th August 2018, Members of ARU Council ,Top Management and support staff  participated in the 9th Annual Reflection which took place at Jevine Hotel Rubaga. The theme of this year’s reflection was Technologies for Creating and Feedback Tools.

Hon. Joyce Mpanga-ARU Council Chairman (second in front from left) together with other council members and staff at Jevine Hotel Rubaga

In his opening remarks, the ARU Vice Chancellor Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe brought to the attention of the participants why ARU is using a unique approach to transform rural areas.

There are many ways of skinning a rat but some methods are more powerful than others. There are many approaches to development. However, the principles in some of these approaches don’t produce consistent results. It is for that reason that ARU decided to use the visionary approach to development in order to cause lasting change in communities.

Says Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe

Dr. Musheshe was also the Chief facilitator during the reflection. The focus was put on the Structural Tension Chart (STC) as a new planning framework  for ARU. STC use the Principles of Creating as founded by Robert Fritz. Dr. Musheshe  expounded on the key elements of the STC; knowing what you truly want (Outcome/Vision), when the outcome should be realized (due date), the current reality in relation to the outcome, working with structural tension, action steps with their due dates and also who is accountable for each action step.

He also put emphasis on the Managerial Moment of Truth (MMOT) tool which is used to improve performance of Council, Top Management and other implementers. In MMOT there are techniques for governance and management, appraisal and results creation. The tool will guide our work deeply and broadly.

Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe Facilitating about Managerial Moment of Truth as a tool for improving staff performance and creating an open and honest environment

during the reflection the Council and Staff also reflected on the recent film produced by RJF Productions, directed by Robert Fritz and Reint Bakema about the impact of URDT and her institutions. The film brings out the impact brought about by the works of URDT, ARU, KKCR, URDT Girls School, URDT Institute and the Epicenter Strategy.  It was agreed that

Council Members and staff watching and reflecting on the film about the impact cased by URDT and her institutions in transforming rural areas.

Currently, all ARU annual plans and budget are designed and implemented using structural tension Charts. All ARU staff are grounded in the principles of creating, systems thinking and MMOT.

ARU 9th Annual Reflection
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