The International Peaces Day is Commemorated on every 21st of September every year. In the areas of Kibaale and Kagadi, the Peace week started on 18th September 2019. Various events were organized, such as the Peace walk, Dialogue, Climate Justice Talks and Health Camps offering a variety of services.

During the peace walk, questionnaires were issued out targeting informed stakeholders on information regarding the natural resources on various sites such as the Kangombe-Muzizi river, Rugashari – Rutoma and Bugoma Forest.

A climate dialogue has been organized on 20th September 2019 to discuss some of the findings from the peace walks to various natural resources within the region.

ARU and URDT in partnership with World Voices Uganda, Reproductive Health Uganda, The Red Cross, and KCSON Commemorate the International Peace Day on a theme “Climate Action for Peace”
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