After three years of theoretical training, ARU students have the opportunity to practice using the acquired knowledge, skills and technologies to help villages plan, mobilize, organize and carry out community projects. On 5th July 2019, 11 students in year 3 pursuing Bachelor of Rural Development were deployed in five sub-counties of Mugarama, Kyebando, Bwikara, Paacwa, and Kyenzige.

The students stay in communities, live with the people, work with them and catalyze the development process. While in the one-month practicum, they are hosted in families with children in URDT Girl School.  They work with groups that are associated with URDT GS parents to improve on their capacity to deliver services to members.

Anyinge Christine Ojok on arrival at the host family.

In addition, the students conduct Participatory Action Research (PAR) with the mentorship of the field mentors (Epicentre Managers) and the Faculty Mentor. The Traditional Wisdom Specialists (TWS) guide the students throughout practicum process especially in areas of acceptable behavior in the community, traditional knowledge related to the culture, norms, indigenous knowledge implementing and introducing interns to the community. • Providing support such as office space, transport, etc.

The sub-county team participates in meetings concerning the ARU Practicum Programme.  They also ensure that technical staff at different levels of the Sub-County gives effective support for the success of the practicum Programme. The sub-county also hosts the student and identifies key contact person(s) who will be available for support, counsel, and back up for the student.

Furthermore, the sub county facilitates the process of coming out with community action plans and implements community action plans as required, and above all participates in the students’ assessment process with the ARU Supervisors and Epicenter Managers.

At the end of the practicum, students are expected to come up with Community Action   Plans, write research reports and report on new methods and technique developed.

Anyinge Christine Ojok’s expectations in the one month practicum
ARU Deploys 11 Students on One Month Practicum
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