African Rural University (ARU)  has started an earthworm growing project with the purpose of exposing students to new appropriate technologies in Agriculture and health. The project is also intended to produce earthworms for the micro-flush toilet project at URDT as well as farm inputs for URDT Demonstration farm.

The project is under the ARU Research Unit and ARU students alongside the team implementing the URDT micro – flush toilet project.

According to Charles Mr. Tumuhe from the ARU Research Unit, the parent stock of epigeic worms are collected by setting earthworms traps by students in the URDT demo farms.

“The materials used include a mix of plant scraps, fresh food remains, cow dung and water (50 – 75 %). They take 2 months to mature and are harvested for years. When ready, earthworms are sold at 50,000= per kg to final consumers. One unit of input into vermiculture is expected to produce 4 units of returns.”

Says Charles

The project also provides capacity building to the community in URDT, Kagadi District and Bunyoro region. Community members who are interested in earthworm growing come and learn from the demonstration site at ARU campus.

The trained team in vermiculture and vermicomposting
ARU Establishes a Vermiculture Project
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