Ms. Akello Agnes
Akello Agnes comes from Kuju Amuria district in Eastern Uganda.Agnes joined African Rural University in September 2006 to persue Bachelor of Rural Development, which at that time was inter pilot by the University. Agnes was one of the pioneer students that was engaged with traditional wisdom specialists and the lecturers to develop and test the curriculum. A curriculum that did not exist in any higher education establishment in Uganda. The journey was long, the learning steep and a lot of unchartered waters were passed. Her perception of University education was challenged and at times she doubted herself, but she persisted. She learnt to work in communities with humility, had her trial plots of experimenting with various agricultural technologies, she learnt to work with a personal vision. She is a respected leader in the communities where she goes. Read More
Ms. Alinda Joy
Alinda Joy
Alinda Joy comes from Katooke Kyenjojo District. Joy joined African Rural University in September 2006 to study a course of Bachelor of Rural Development. She expected to study for 3 years, but due to the integrated curriculum with cross-cutting co-curricular contents, she studied for four years. Currently Joy is employed by URDT as an Epi-center Manager of Kyakabadima Sub-county, Kibaale District
Community Achievement
In 2010, Joy was deployed at Kagadi Sub-county for her 2 years internship and village practicum. Along with Local Government Technical staff, Joy facilitated community mobilization meetings, conducted training on sustainable agriculture, health hygiene and sanitation, education using Community Action Planning (CAP) to implement government programs, through application of the Principles of Creative Process, Visionary Approach, Systems Thinking and Sustainable Development to enable communities, families and individuals develop the visions for their own community and work for their own development.
Anakuya Mary Goreth
Anakuya Mary Goreth comes from Kyakabadima subcounty joined African Rural University in September 2006 to do Bachelor of Rural Development. Her expectation while joining the university was to graduate with a degree in Rural Development and work with communities. Currently she is working Uganda Rural Development Training programme as an Epicenter Manager.
Community Achievement
She worked in collaboration with Local government NGOs , Institutions like schools churches, communities ,groups and households in Burora Sub-county. Through the application of CAP she facilitated mobilization of community persons to form groups and trained group members on how to develop visions for their families, groups and individuals to create lasting change using Visionary Approach, Systems Thinking.
Ms. Ategeka Kasfa
Ategeka Kasfa comes from Kiraba Kagadi Sub County, Kibaale district. Kasfa joined African Rural University in September 2006 to study a course in Bachelor of Rural Development.Her expectation while joining the university was to gain knowledge and skills and graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. Kasfa is currently employed by URDT as an Epi-Center Manager in Kabamba Sub-county.
Community Achievement
In 2010, Kasfa was deployed at Kabamba Sub-county for her 2 years internship and practicum for 1 year. She worked hand in hand with Sub-county Local Government technical staff, community members, Sub-county chief and other NGO stakeholders in the community.She applied the principles of creative process, Visionary approach, Systems thinking and Sustainable development in line with CAP to cause mind set change among the community members.
ARU Graduates’ Profiles: Agnes, Joy, Mary Goreth, Kasfa
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