ARU holds a Poetry workshop.

African Rural University has held a poetry workshop today 1st December 2014 at URDT/ARU centre for Reflection and Development. A team of the Guest speakers was led by Ms. Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva who belongs to the BN Poetry Foundation.
She informed the audience (URDT/ARU students and staff) that poetry has transformed Social -economic lives of  the most people around the globe, it’s high time the young generation embraced poetry. She further challenged students to awaken their sleeping potential in documenting their poems, songs, among others.
During this function, Guests donated many poetry and literature books; A thousand Voices Rising, Dairies of a dead African, Jubilee poem, among others.
Prof. Atwaru Okello, the vice chancellor, African Rural University, ecouraged students to develop the reading culture and make use of the  donated books, as well as the Electronic library at campus.

ARU Holds a Poetry Workshop
Ms. Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva(2nd on the Right) donating poetry books to African Rural University and Prof.Atwaru Okello(2nd on the left), the VC, African Rural University.


ARU holds a Poetry workshop
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