African Rural University through her Electrical Commission which is headed by Ms. Kabakama Oliver conducted the 2017/2018 guild elections. The elections took place on the 24th April 2017. On the 25th April 2017 during the Foundation Course, the chairman Electrical commission released the results of the election exercise and declared the successful candidates as follows.

No Name Position Year
1 Biikara Noeline Guild president 2nd  year
2 Muhimbise Sarah Vice guild president 1st  year
3 Alicwaamu oliver Education Games and Sports 2nd  year
4 Karungi oliver Welfare cultural promotion and development 1st year
5 Nansimbi MaryGorret Finance minister 1st year
6 Katushabe Gorret Secretary 1st year
7 Ayinkamiye Lillian Foreign affairs 1st year
8 Atuhaire Juliet Faculty representative 1st year
9 Namara Sarah Information minister 1st year
Members of the New Guild after their Declaration

The swearing ceremony for the new cabinet shall take place on the 6th May 2017 in ARU Center for Reflection and Development.

ARU Holds Guild Elections for 2017-2018
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