The elections for African Rural University Guild President were held today today at the University’s main campus in Kagadi.

The race has attracted 2 candidates who competed for the post of Guild President.  While on Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio (KKCR FM 91.7) talk show on Saturday 11th May, 2019, the Chairperson Electro Commission Ms. Atugonza Phionah announced to the student’s body and general public that the date for holding elections is 13th May 2019.

“Unlike other previous years, this years elections are going to be done electronically. Voters will only require to login to their e-mail account where they will find a link to the e-ballot.” Says Phionah.

The voting started today at 11:00am and it only took 90 minutes for all the students to vote. It was noted that two of the students were off campus but they were able to login to the system and vote using their smartphone.

The tally center was in the URDT center for Reflection and Development hall, where voters were free to follow the voting process. Analysis of results was done automatically as the voting was happening. This enabled the voter to follow the results.

Voters following the voting process at URDT Center for Reflection and Development

At 12:30pm all the 31 voters (10 from Year 1, 10 from Year 2 and 11 from Year 3) had completed voting and the results were announced by Phionah as follows.

New Guild Cabinet Elect. Ms. Nakayiza Grace (front middle in red) with her cabinet members.

Guild President

Nakayiza Grace  

Asiimire Olivia

18 votes (58.1%)

13 votes  (41.9%)

Vice Guild President

Makune Ahumuza 

Nangobi Jackline

23 votes (74.2%)

8 votes (25.8)

The General Secretary

Ahimbisibwe Peace

31 votes (100%)

The Minister of Finance

Areso Doreen  

Kyalisiima Malita

12 votes (38.7%)

19 votes (61.3%)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kemigisa Peninah

31 votes (100%)

The Minister of Education, Games and Sports

Kobusinge Mugisa

31 votes (100%)
Guild Cabinet Elect for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

The Guild President represents the student’s ideas and participates in policy making made by the university council and management.

ARU holds Guild Elections for 2019-2020 Academic Year, Nakayiza Grace is New Guild President Elect
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