The African Rural University Library and Resource Center (LCRC) contains print, audio, visual, and electronic information in an environment supporting active learning. 
The LCRC is the largest in Bunyoro region and  works closely with the community, Faculty, Staff and students of ARU to ensure the collection meets the academic and research directions of the community. The Center is a member of the Uganda University Library Network and Consortium of Uganda University Libraries

At ARU you decide on how you would like to access the information you want. You can access our digital library available for access 24 hours anytime anywhere! In the library, you also have access to a computer with internet connection. There is also access to free WiFi for those who have laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Community members from Bunyoro region and other scholars visit the library to access all sorts of resources. The library is free for access by staff, students, and most importantly the community members. 

You can read more about the library here

ARU Library and Community Resource Center
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