African Rural University uses a unique approach-visionary approach when it comes to planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluating results to be created by different departments. One of the core masteries in the visionary approach is the mastery of the principles of creating.

In the principles of creating, the individual or organization focuses on the results to be created (vision), followed by a thorough assessment of the current reality. The individual then acknowledges the discrepancy between the desired results and what is. This generates structural tension.

Traditionally, most individuals and institutions are using the problem solving orientation. The Vice Chancellor for ARU has organized workshops for all ARU staff both in academics and management so that there is proper alignment in the approach used by ARU.

On Thurday 10th May 2018, ARU staff had a workshop on how to use structural tension chart in planning. The focus was on the ARU internship program.

ARU staff in a workshop on using Structural Tension Charts in planning and implementation of outcomes

The chief facilitator was Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe-ARU VC who is a certified trainer in the principles of a creating and also contributed to the “The Path of Least Resistance” by Robert Fritz.

The workshop was an eye opener for ARU staff and it is going to improve staff performence in planning, implementation, monitoring as well as time management.


ARU Staff Trained in Application of Structural Tension Charts
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