Mat and Till from Professor Without Boarders   and trainers in design thinking. They have been at ARU for 2 weeks to teach our 2nd year in design thinking. Design Thinking is all about developing products and services by applying a designer mindset, a user centered approach and a set of creative techniques”
Mathieu Albrand engaging 2nd year students in group work

Topics that were covered include; A Design Thinker’s Mindset, What makes a product or service successful, Value Map: The Process , How to keep our users at the heart of what we do , Insights to Opportunity,  among others. Students were given assignment to work on during the training, and made presentations. The students received personalized feedback with tips on how to further improve their analytic and presentation skills

At the end of the intensive training, students were awarded certificates for successfully completing the training. The exercise took place in ARU Center for Reflection and Development hall during the foundation course.

Students receiving Certificates from PROWIBO


ARU Students trained in Design Thinking
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