African Rural University is developing a new curriculum that is going to have new and up to date insights to rural transformation. The academic and management teams have had a consultative meeting focusing on the review and making comments on the final draft curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Technologies for Rural Transformation (BSCTRT) course that is yet to be submitted to National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) for accreditation.

The curriculum course will equip students with soft and hard technologies. The soft technologies will focus on mindset change where the hard technologies will focus on hard skills for self-reliance putting a lot of emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Students will be able to develop prototypes and launch with communities appropriate technologies in agriculture, health, environment, energy and other disciplines. 

Academic and Management staff during a consultative meeting for the development of BSCTRT curriculum

It is anticipated that students who will take on this course, will find it easier to create condition for people to improve their lives, awaken inherent leadership and increase their capacity for self-generating and sustainable change.

It was agreed that the faculty team working on the curriculum development should incorporate the feedback given during this meeting so that a final product is ready for submission to NCHE

This meeting was also setup to demonstrate Participatory Action Research (PAR) through the involvement of staff that in academics and those in management to give input to the BSCTRT curriculum so as to have a bolder product.

Bachelor of Science in Technologies for Rural Transformation Curriculum Development
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