Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe Ashoka Fellow, a Co-founder of URDT and Founder of African Rural University expounded the uniqueness of ARU to the congregation of the Second ARU Graduation Ceremony. He said that he was happy to witness the second graduation envisaged in 1987. “It was a leap into the future then: to think of a private university, not founded by big institutions or rich people but by an indigenous nongovernmental organization whose beginning was humble” says Dr. Mwalimu Mushese.

Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe Ashoka Fellow-Co-founder URDT, Founder African Rural University

He said that ARU is unique for the following reasons:

  • Programme based on the principles of creating and systems thinking, critical ingredients of the Visionary Approach
  • Based on tested methodology of URDT (25 years)
  • A multi-disciplinary programme using cross curriculum design and delivery
  • Only one undergraduate programme known to-date to address holistically rural transformation rather than traditional rural development interventions (3 masteries)
  • An all Women university tapping into the unique attributes of a woman as a leader
  • Graduates placement at the strategic intervention points for change and service delivery (local governments) as change makers and agents (change leaders)
  • Rural Based and focused

He added that articulation of the above made him become the first Ashoka Fellow in East Africa.


Dr. Mwalumu Musheshe Expounds the Uniqueness of ARU
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