One of the unique features of ARU is integrating Traditional Wisdom Specialists (TWS) in Teaching and learning, research and innovation. The TWS are central to curriculum delivery and they are a repository of traditional knowledge, wisdom and technologies taught at ARU.

ARU is working with TWS  to revive and harness the knowledge, skills and technologies that contributed to social and economic development of African societies that are progressively disappearing.  

The TWS are currently undergoing training in computer applications so that they are able to cope up with the current technology which will simplify their work. They are being trained  in specific areas in ICT that are relevant to their work.

TWS during one the sessions in computer applications

 The computer applications course will expose the TWS to innovations in ICT in respect to the teaching and learning process. They are to be introduced to office packages file sharing using the Local Area Network and internet, digital literacy in respect to the e-library, e-learning, Research4Life, Google Scholar and referencing tools.

It’s anticipated that at the end of the training, the TWS should be able  to make use of ICT in documentation of research findings, coming up with concept documents, currying out online research and also communicating effectively within and outside ARU.

In August 2018, the TWS together with other Academic and Management Staff  underwent a training on writing research proposals. Read more here

Enabling TWS Document their Own Research Findings
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