ARU is operating on a provisional license since 2011; in a bid to be chartered, several processes have to be reworked to attain a charter. A draft charter was sent to NCHE and a team from NCHE visited in 2018 to inspect ARU’s readiness to acquire a charter. From the visit, the feedback was given in areas of staffing, governance, and facilities.

The university is in the process to apply and submit her 2nd draft charter application. As part of preparedness, ARU hosted Dr. Ayine Robert who was initially part of the NCHE inspection team on readiness to be chartered to offer technical skills and guidance on what needs to be done for ARU to be chartered.

During his visit, a practical session with faculty and administration staff was done and a campus tour to ascertain where we are and how we can get to where we want to be if the university is to acquire a charter.

Remarks From the Vice Chancellor

He acknowledged Dr. Ayine for accepting the invitation to guide the team on the charter application process

He noted that ARU is an innovation in the education sector, the 1st women’s university in Uganda

Starting something to give leverage in rural innovation, embedding traditional wisdom, and harness them to modern society is ARU’s niche

Because of the unique training of students, ARU’s intake is for 30 students

Some of the ARU graduates (Epicenter Managers) were taken up in 20 districts; this will upscale the philosophy at ARU. Graduates are to the champion mobilization of the Young Africa Works project in URDTI, 

ARU is a center for Rural transformation

Guide on the charter application process
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