The Councillor for Ndaiga Sub County Hon. Akugizibwe Livingstone  has applauded African Rural University for transforming Rural Communities. Livingstone was one of the participants who attended the Kagadi District Council proceedings that took place on Friday 25th May 2018 at the district headquarters. He made his comment after the Vice Chancellor Dr. Mwalimu Musheshes making a presentation about the ARU Education Model for Rural Transformation.


Hon. Akugizibwe Livingstone, District Councilor for Ndaiga Sub County

Livingstone  thanked Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe and the team he came with for the wonderful presentation in council. He said that;

I didn’t know what ARU is capable of until today. This is a challenge to us leaders at all levels to come in not only support but help in popularizing ARU and its agendas. Thank you for the greatest job being done to uplift the standards of a rural setting through a rural transformation strategy which is first of its kind in the entire universe.

He added that the entire district and him in particular, feel a very positive impact brought to Kagadi District and the neighboring community by URDT and ARU. Livingstone I implored fellow district councilors and other political leaders within Kagadi to interest ourselves where necessary offer support of any kind.

I didn’t know what ARU is capable of until today, says Hon. Akugizibwe Livingstone
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