ARU Educates Women Where the Strength of The World Lies-Amito Franka 

I joined African Rural University because it is a learning institution where staff and students have a common vision, and work together as a team. ARU also educates women where the strength of the world lies. I know have the opportunity to be an all-round person with a new orientation.

Am now in a better position to contribute to  the Uganda Vision 2040-Kusemererwa Noeline

Am proud to belong to a home of change makers who are seriously in action by minding about the wellbeing of the people through rural transformation, and am so happy with the course am perusing at ARU which is bachelor of rural development. I can easily relate what am studying in lectures to day to day life for both myself and the community due to the approaches. Am now able to apply the Visionary Approach and Systems Thinking to create what I truly want in life and most importantly am now in a better position to contribute to  the Uganda Vision 2040 through creating conditions for people in rural areas to create for themselves freedom and prosperity.

I Now Look at the World from a Different Orientation-Kugonza Annet

Am glad I enrolled for Bachelor of Rural Development (BRD) at ARU. The BRD Curriculum gives me opportunities for to explore and effect change in myself and in communities . I now look at the world from a different orientation; the Creative Orientation which has enabled me to focus on the future that I want for myself, my family and my country, rather than focusing on what is not working for me.


What Are Our Students Saying About Us?
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