The first act of creating is to imagine what you truly want. Did you know that you can make money out of your compound? The Vice Chancellor for ARU Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe has demonstrated to community members around ARU one of the ways an individual can optimally and economically make good use of his/her compound.

In front of the ARU administration block is a tomato garden set up by Dr. Musheshe. In this garden, Mwalimu used car tires, and filled each tire with loam soil.

Mwalimu says it is possible to plant fruits and vegetables in the compound and your compound still remains beautiful. He gives an example of tomatoes which can also be used as flowers.

In his compound tomato project, he has 58 plants of tomatoes. Each plant has an average of 35 tomatoes. This makes a total of 1,740 tomatoe fruits. In Kagadi Market and neighboring tomato selling business, 2 tomatoes cost UGX 500. This means that he will be able to make UGX 435,000.

Healthy tomato plants in front of ARU Administration Block

Besides tomatoes, Dr. Musheshe also has 4 apple plants in the compound. The apples were planted by the former Vice Chancellor Prof. Joseph Mukiibi in 2017 to find out if they can also be grown in greater Kibaale and Bunyoro Region.

Apple plant in front of the ARU Administration Block bearing fruits

For a very long time, apples have been known to be grown in Kabaale district because of weather conditions required by the crop. Today, one of the apple plants is bearing fruits and others are bearing flowers.

It is clear in the ARU Anthem that people come from the East, West, North and South to drink on the well of wisdom. Community members from Kagadi and other visitors from across the globe have been learning from the Dr. Mwalimu’s innovations. 

Take a look at the Clip about the Tomatoes

Make Money Out of Your Compound
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