It’s our culture at African Rural University (ARU) to give new insights to students who have made a choice to join ARU. We do this by putting aside 5 days  of intensive students orientation. This new semester, the orientation exercise kicked off on 13th August 2018 and will come to its climax on the 17th July 2018.

During the orientation week, students are introduced to the different departments and sections in ARU. They are also taken through the different services available for access by students. Different facilitators from different departments are given time to take students through the available opportunities available in every department.

The Quality Assurance Officer Mr. Lwanga Anthony(leftmost) demonstrating to students about Services in his office

Students had a full campus tour of the ARU campus. They visited the different institutions in URDT and they were explained the ideology of integration which is behind these institutions.

Among other things, they were also introduced to the vision, mission and philosophy of ARU, ICT services, health facilities available on campus, demonstration plots for students, foundation course and accommodation services.

New Students orientation is on at ARU
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