• Each year African Rural University Fourth Year students go for an internship program for a period of 9 months. The students work with the Sub County local government to transform rural areas.  The interns are currently participating in the following activities.
    Reading sub-county documents e.g. Five Year Sub-county Development Plan for 2010-2015, The Epicenter Strategy for implementation of the Uganda Vision 2040, A practical guide for research and community based organization, a publication of Venture for Fundraising in association for International Development Research Center (chapter on resource mobilization), as well as Community Action Planning (CAP).
  • The Interns are also implementing pupil managed school farm (PMSF) project starting from land and seed bed preparation, planting and properly spacing vegetables e.g. African Spinach (Nakati), cabbages, carrots; and fruits especially pineapples.Pupils implementing the Pupil Managed School Farm
  • ARU interns are also doing monitoring individual model farmers in Sub-counties and those who benefited from agricultural inputs provided to them by the sub-county under the Wealth Creation Program. E.g. pineapple suckers, cassava cuttings, coffee seedlings, maize seed and piglets initiated by other NGOs like World Vision.
Ongoing ARU Internship Programme
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