Topic: Water management, climate change, policies, and environmental health. Is global human health and livelihoods at risk?

Prof. David BagumaIn his journey of obtaining the rank of Full Professor, Prof. David Baguma of African Rural University (ARU) held an inaugural lecture concerning his work and research interests on 19/11/2015 before the ARU council members, fellow faculty staff members and other university guests.

The main key messages presented were about: Rainwater harvesting, Knowledge of water quality measures, Adaptation of water technologies, Water and climate change impacts, and Possible impending effects from Arsenicosis – as aspect of Environmental health.

During the lecture, Prof. Baguma said that “Rural and Urban residents supplement household water supply with rainwater harvesting to reduce water shortage, salinity, time and energy taken off to fetch water from other water sources”. He added that it is also less risky compared to other sources e.g. ponds, swamps, rivers and can be used for agriculture

Prof. Baguma continued to explain that if rural households have access to usage instructions, they are more likely to implement one or several of the precautions.
Such instructions include:Appropriate hand-washing, Use of water treatments,Use of antimicrobial soap, and routine cleaning of water storage systems.
Prof. Baguma David Holds an Inaugural Lecture
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