African Rural University hosted a team of 4 members from Professors Without Boarders for a period of two weeks.

Philippa has spent the week teaching third year a course on civil society. Her class has defined civil society, investigated its relationship with the state and the market, and discussed certain organisational forms, such as grassroots groups and social enterprises. In the coming week, the class will be exploring issues of accountability, monitoring, evaluation, and learning, and the future of civil society.

Philippa Engaging with a group of students

Ena spent the week teaching third year about global politics and security. In the past week, the class has covered the judiciary system and international law, conflict, types of violence, and peace. In the upcoming week, the class will keep focusing on peace and peacekeeping mission, women in politics, and contemporary security challenges. The students have a busy week ahead, as they are preparing for a visit from the local MP, as well as getting ready for their Model United Nations simulation on youth employment.

Ena and Philippa have introduced new active learning methods into the group, in line with PROWIBO’s teaching philosophy. They have encouraged group debates and discussions, as opposed to lecturing, and promoted group-directed learning. For example, Philippa’s class has designed their own NGOs to demonstrate how they would resolve issues of dependence, sustainability, donor capture, and state control. Students have positioned themselves around the room to physically demonstrate how much they agree or disagree with a statement and debated, and tried to convince, their peers.

Ena’s class had to divide an imagined sacred space to demonstrate why conflicts occur over indivisible spaces. Throughout the week the students in the class have been using sticky notes on a world map to demonstrate their preconceptions and what they have learned, as well as writing personal stories relating topics covered to their own experiences. In the final class of the week, the students had a structured debate to decide if imagination was crucial to positive peace.

Professors Without Boarders Introduces New Active Learning Methods to ARU Students
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