The ARU Vice Chancellor Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe has contributed to the We Will Lead Africa Volume 1 Books. The book was contributed to by 30 inspiring contributors. You can read their stories in the We Will Lead Africa volume at Amazon

Who will lead Africa? Forward, onward, fully into the land of its potential. To the realization of the blossoming dream of prosperity held by so many, for so long, throughout this place we call home. Again I ask, Who Will Lead Africa? This volume includes the response to that African Town Crier’s call. Thirty submissions. Exemplars of everyday African Leaders. Today’s leaders. Defying the narrative of impossible and working for the prosperity of Africa. These are but a sample of the movement… We Will Lead Africa contributes an open call to practitioners to join the African Leadership conversation, and allow practice to further inform our theorizing and conclusions of where we are now and what more is needed to attain the Africa we want. It is a shift from viewing leadership in Africa from the sociopolitical lens or a theoretical lens, to a focus on leadership at every level. It neither denies the overemphasized 

(Re)connect to your hope for Africa’s future.
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