Robert Fritz, founder of Technologies for Creating, a composer, a filmmaker, a writer, and an organizational consultant for some of the largest companies in the world has conducted a three and a half days training for ARU staff. the training took place from 16th to 19th March 2018 at ARU Center for Reflection and Development hall. The purpose of the training was for staff to learn new thinking techniques, understand the major principles of structural dynamics, practice the rigor, and engage in exhilarating exercises with other participants.

Robert Fritz Demonstrating the Principles of the Creative process using a rubber band

During the workshop, participants also learnt Robert Fritz’s technique for fundamentals of structural thinking (FST) including structural tension charting, the creative process for personal and organizational use, learning how to think structurally rather than situationally, defining an organization’s structure, how structure works within organizations and personally, how to work with the structures you uncover, how to change the underlying structure and how to move from oscillation to advancement.

Participants engaging during the workshop

The ARU  philosophy is based on three masteries; systems thinking, principles of the creative process and sustainable development. System thinking looks at issues from a holistic perspective. It is based on the view that the world exhibits qualities of wholeness. Though events and things appear to be distinct in time and space, they are interrelated. In ARU context, sustainable development is defined as ‘the practice of maintaining the processes of productivity indefinitely, natural or human made, by replacing resources used with resources of equal or greater value without degrading or endangering natural biotic systems’

A total of 80 participants from ARU and other URDT institutions benefited from this workshop.  He is also going to have a workshop with Epicentre Managers and Counterparts of Epicentre Managers (the sub-county chief, chairman LCIII, community development officer). from 21st -23rd March 2018. Robert will also have a workshop with Kagadi District Local Government (the Chairman, Speaker, Resident District Commissioner, Chief Administration Officer, the deputy CAO, the Production Officer, the Education Officer and the Health Officer) from 26th -27th  March 2018.



Robert Fritz Trains ARU Staff on the Principles of the Creative Process
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