An ARU Graduate shall be known as a Rural Transformation Specialist (RTS) on successful completion of a degree course at ARU. The Attributes of a Rural Transformation Specialist shall be;

Transcending Mind

A scientific mind goes beyond looking at events, patterns of behavior and going down at the underlying structure. A mind that raises beyond traditional prejudices like gender, age, racism a receptive mind; embracing unity in diversity. It is also the process of unlearning to learn and rising above prejudices and testing assumptions.


The graduate works and makes decisions with the desired end result in mind.  For strategizing, she holds both the vision and current reality together to come up with effective actions and ways to mobilize local resources.


The graduate sees unusual connections; she creates new technologies or modifies existing ones to find solutions.

  • Academic Leadership

She generates and disseminates new knowledge and shares it with others.

  • Political leadership

She knows how power is acquired and used for the benefit of the people.

  • Vocation for rural areas

Calling, with the heart, zeal, enthusiasm, passion, love for rural areas, the liking, the choosing and capacity to live in rural areas

Research skills

Decisions are based on evidence; interact with communities, fellow students, supervisors and reporting & communicating research findings through various forums.  They have techniques of analyzing data, personal and inward drive to achieve certain goals towards rural transformation. They should work with community members as co-researchers; community is a residence of knowledge. There shall be an ARU Research and Innovations policy. 


Reliable, self-driven, result oriented, recognize inherent resources one has and those available, efficient, committed, works with less or no supervision.

Adequate interaction and exposure to a rural environment

An ARU Graduate has continuous hands on experience, engaging and interaction with the community she intends to serve.

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