The Vice Chancellor for African Rural University Prof. Joseph Mukiibi has encouraged ARU graduates that hard work is the way to go. Prof. Mukiibi said this during the 3rd graduation ceremony for ARU which took place on 17th November 2017 at ARU main campus in Kagadi western Uganda. He said that despite the excitements the graduands had, each one of them should get time to reflect on how they are going to give back to their parents and the government which has invested heavily in them.

You are justified in feeling good because you are the cream in the educational system. Persons with university degrees in Sub Saharan Africa make up less than 5 percent of the population. In a knowledge based economy (which most of our economies should be) you are the backbone of the economy. Please remember that to those who have received a lot, a lot is expected of them. Your parents and your government have invested a lot in you to be able to get where you are. You have to payback that investment and to pay the interest that has accrued from it. There is nothing for free in this world. From my long experience, I can tell you confidently that the currency you will use is hard work – in whatever you do, says Prof. Mukiibi.

Prof. Mukiibi addressing the 3rd ARU Graduation Congregation.

He thanked the benefactors and relatives of these gallant graduands for the material, moral and monetary support they have provided to their children. He added that in doing so, they have directly or indirectly contributed to the national vision 2040 of transforming Uganda into a middle income country.


The Currency You Will Use is Hard Work
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