Part of the ARU mission says ” ARU applies theoretical learning, innovative instruction and field practice, so that ARU graduates can create conditions for people to improve their lives, transform their communities, awaken inherent leadership and increase their capacity for self-generating and sustainable change”. One of our graduates Asiimwe Rose and an ARU intern student Namutosi Norah are working with community members of Ruteete Sub county in Kagadi District to come up with individual, family and community aspirations.

Omuhereza Kasim from Nyakasheema B C1 together with his family articulated his vision which had attributes including but not limited to Toilet and a rack, Cocoa plantation, Self-contained house with a tank, a modern kitchen, coffee plantation, banana plantation, pineapple plantation and water melon plantation.

Omuhereza Kasim’s Family Vision

Omuhereza Kasim and his family have already achieved 2.5 acres of Cocoa plantation,  4 acers of banana plantation, 2.5 acres of coffee plantation and  half an acre of Pineapple plantation.

ARU graduates and Intern students introduce community members to both soft and hard technologies which technologies enable them to create for themselves the future they truly want. One of the soft technologies used is visioning.

Omuhereza Kasim in his coffee plantation.

People are facilitated to draw visions of the kind of life they want to see and live. At the same time, community members do a thorough assessment of their current reality in order to recognize the discrepancy between the vision and current reality. Action steps are taken toward the vision driven by the structural tension between the vision and current reality.

The Power of The Vision
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