The Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT), a Non Governmental Organization that founded African Rural University (ARU), together with its partners across the globe produced a documentary that is showcasing the new direction in world development.

The documentary also tells the story of ARU, the African Rural University, where students learn how to support and lead developmental projects in rural  communities where they enable the people, themselves, to accomplish their aspirations and join together to build their lives. 

The documentary will be featured on NBS Television on Monday, 3rd June 2019 immediately after NBS Live at 9 news broadcast.   

Something exciting is happening in Uganda. Nothing short of a new direction in world development: one that lasts, builds, and has already impacted tens of thousands of people. One that has a track record of over thirty years, and one that is leading the way to a better way to enable people to build their lives and communities. 

Here is the trailer to the award fining film THE UGANDA PROJECT:

We can begin by seeing this pattern. Take a girl from a family who lives in poverty. She enters the URDT girls school. This is the start of a life-changing process. But that new possibility, alone, while wonderful, is only the first chapter in the story.

Next, she and her family participate in special workshops where the entire family begins to learn how to build their lives. This is called The Two-Generation Approach to development. As the girl grows in her education, so does her entire family. Together, they set up 5- year goals, most of which they will accomplish. As a family, they move from poverty to a flourishing life. 

The hopeless dead-end of poverty, with all its heartbreaking limitations, move to a life of aspiration, true accomplishment, and the great dignity of people in charge of their own life-building process. 

International Awards The Uganda Project Received:

  • Best Film – International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality
  • Platinum Winner – International Independent Film Awards
  • Gold Reel Award – Nevada International Film Festival
  • Platinum Award – Bali Film Awards
  • Special Impact Award – A Show for Change
  • Platinum – Independent Documentary Film Festival
  • Best Documentary Film of the Month -DMOFF
  • International Platinum Award = Jakarta International Film & Art Festival
  • Exceptional Merit – Docs without Borders Film Festival
  • Award of Merit – Accolade Competition
  • Award of Merit – IndieFest Film Festival
  • Award of Merit – Impact Docs Awards!
  • Winner – Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards
  • Best Documentary – Cine Fern
  • Many other official selection
Some of the awards won by the documentary.
The Uganda Project Live at NBS TV
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