At the Second Graduation Ceremony for African Rural University, the Vice Chancellor ARU Prof. Joseph Mukiibi acknowledged and appreciated the ARU founders- Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (founded by Mr. Ephraim Rutaboba, Silvana Veltkamp Franco and Mwalimu Musheshe) for a great vision they hold for transformational education in Uganda and Sub-Saharan Africa. “It is as a result of that VISION; we are here today to celebrate the success of these young ladies and to launch them in the sometimes turbulent world out there” says Prof. Mukiibi.

URDT Co-Founders
Mr. Ephraim Rutaboba(Right), Silvana Veltkamp Franco (Middle) and Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe (Left) URDT Co-Founders

He also thanked URDT for giving bursaries to support some of the students to access and complete university education at ARU. He also acknowledged The Chairman African Food and Peace Foundation and her team, for the financial and technical support they have given to help ARU realize her Mission and Vision.

He highlighted on some of the upcoming and ongoing projects on campus which include; the construction of the ARU Library and Community Resource Centre, connecting the university to the internet backbone through the Research and Education Network of Uganda (RENU) among others.

Prof. Joseph Mukiibi also congratulated the graduands for successfully completing their first degree, and their parents for the support they have given the students during their university period. He packaged a message for the graduates which is

I say to you once again congratulations upon your first achievement. And I say “your first achievement” deliberately, because I know each one of you has a big vision on what you want to be in 10, 20 or 50 years from now. There will be hurdles on the way to your vision. Never give up whatever the circumstances. But remember that there are nine ways to skin a cat. If you try the first route and it fails, change tactics: take another route. But keep your eye on the ball – your vision. That way, I can guarantee you will attain your vision.

The Vice Chancellor ARU Commends the ARU Founders and Partners
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