Mastery of the principles of the creative process. Making one’s way of life in the creative orientation in which the individual is consistently in touch with one’s aspirations, value, vision, current and structural tension. And recognizing what choices must be made in favor of one’s vision.

Mastery of systems thinking. By looking at the interrelationship between primary and secondary choices, a larger picture emerges: Interfaces develop and once the individual or community appreciates the interconnectedness and how each element influences and is influenced by others, this is what is call ‘system thinking’. It results into integrated development programme. System thinking also deals with the interaction between a system and its embedding environment, deals with analyzing systems with the existing systems and it also deal with behavior patterns and cause effect relationship.

Mastery of sustainable development. Given that there are many primary and secondary choices leading to the attainment of the aspiration, the question ‘what next’  leads to formulating a new vision and same cycle of structural tension is developed, action involved and this leads to sustainable development.

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