The Faculty of Technologies for Rural Transformation has conducted a validation exercise for the internship Programme for the academic year 2017/2018. On 19th July 2018, the faculty team has been in Kyanaisoke sub county where Ms. Nampewo Josephine has been doing internship from.

The validation exercise took place at the sub county headquarters and brought together the sub county political and technical leadership, and representatives from the community where Josephine has been working for 9 months.

The internship began on 7th September, 2017 and ended on 25th May, 2018. In Kyanaisoke sub county, Josephine carried out her  internship was in five villages; Kinywataba, Naigana, Kinoni, Kyakataba and kyarutale. She was stationed at the sub county headquarters she was on the sub county technical team.

In Kyanaisoke, she coordinated the budget conference for the sub county where she was cofacilitating with the Sub county Chief and CDO. she facilitated 5 groups to review their group visions and also initiated one group.

At Naigana S S where the Pupil Managed School Farm is being implemented, she lobbied for the school to get 100 orange seedlings and they were planted in the school farm. In the long run, pupils will be enjoying orange fruits when having lunch.

She engaged in sanitation and hygiene activities at household and village level. Most of the activities include; construction of 7 drying racks, 7 rubbish pits, 17 km of road construction. She advised community members to use Light Duty Concentrate (LDC) to treate their teeth. As a result, Over 20 people were relieved of toothache.


Over 200 people were trained and acquired knowledge on the importance of super Gro organic fertilizer and this increased out from agricultural produce of farmers in Kyanaisoke sub county.

She conducted a sensitization exercise about candida and over 40 women were free from candida and other skin diseases.

Groups improved on their saving culture after her intervention.



Validation of the ARU’s Unique Internship Programme
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