Prof. Joseph Mukiibi Vice Chancellor for African Rural University has reminded ARU fresh students  of their responsibilities in the African continent. Prof. Mukiibi was the Chief guest during  the swearing ceremony for fresh students that took place on 3rd October 2017 in the ARU Center for Reflection and Development Hall. He said that statistics show that only 26% of the world’s population have attended university. “You are the cream of Africa and African is going to depend on you.”, says Prof. Mukiibi.

Prof. Joseph Mukiibi Addressing the ARU Fresh Students

He also added that everyone in a University is a student irrespective of the qualifications one has. Starting from the Vice Chancellor to students, everyone in a university can learn from another. “The community is learning from you and you are learning from them”. He reminded them that they cannot be the cream of Africa they are not thinking critically. “Be curious, have a vision, examine evidence, analyze assumptions and biases and tolerate ambiguity”

In his closing remarks, Prof. Joseph Mukiibi called upon students to study diligently, make informed choices and be proud of African Rural University even after they graduate.

Download VC’s Full Speech below

Download “Vice-Chancellor’s-Address-at-The-Swearing-in-of-Fresh-Students-2017-2018.pdf” Vice-Chancellor’s-Address-at-The-Swearing-in-of-Fresh-Students-2017-2018.pdf – Downloaded 269 times – 202 KB

You are the Cream of Africa
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