Twikirize Oliver is Female aged 20. She has a venture in Agricultural Sector. Looking at agriculture, it consists of very many things but of different types and management. I grew from a very poor family and community where it was associated with all sorts of problems such as theft, illiteracy, diseases, unemployment, low incomes, poverty, and early marriage among others which made me misery all the time. We used to grow food for only consumption on a small piece of land and yet we had enough fertile land that was idle.

I developed a vision for my home and community which was “To have increased income in my home and community” because I looked at the overall problem that was bringing all the above problems to be low income and if money was enough everybody would be well off. I looked at agriculture as the root cause of this money and I specialized mostly on sugarcane growing since it was not common and competitive and yet it was on high demand.

Youth Venturer: Twikirize Oliva

I shared my vision with my family members and they all appreciated and since we had enough land, we worked together and cultivated four acres of land, i looked for sugarcane stems and then planted the whole land. After one year, sugarcanes were ready but now I was just selling each sugar cane at shillings five hundred of which it was little money so researched on how I can add value to sugarcanes. I shared this in class at school with the teacher and they guided me how to do it, I went to Kakira sugarcane project to look for more information but for them were producing sugar which was competitive,

I went on Google, I found out that they can also be processed into alcohol which I decided to do using the knowledge from Internet. Before I tried it, I observed that the community members were stealing my sugarcanes, so I trained them also on how to do it and I took them to tour my project where they gained interest and some of them did so. So I tried it and produced nice alcohol which was on high demand especially in Kampala where I got market. It was a long process that required cutting of sugarcanes first, squeeze them using a machine being pushed by two strong men to produce juice, barking the juice for four days in tap lines or pallets in a hole and then fermenting it hence producing alcohol where each jerry can was shillings sixty thousand. With the experience above,

  • I have become a role model in my home and community.
  •  I have constructed a permanent house with my family members.
  •  I have gained leadership skills and entrepreneurial skills.
  •  I have developed friendship with many people and I have become a change maker.
  • I use sugarcane husks as firewood as a source of energy and manure.
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