Birabwa_JoanBirabwa Joan is Female aged 21. She has a venture in Entrepreneurship. The venture is
addressing a challenge of youth unemployment due to lack of skills. Many youth in my community were not schooling and had started gambling, stealing and hence I thought of an idea of bringing them together for a common goal of doing it ourselves rather than depending on others. So far, I have mobilized members into a group of 22 people and this group has been fully registered with the village and the sub county authorities Kibaale district, Uganda. I have raised 200,000 shillings for buying of balls both football and netball for developing their talents. We save 100,000 shillings on a monthly basis.
Twikirize_OlivaTwikirize Oliver is Female aged 20. She has a venture in Agricultural Sector. Looking at agriculture, it consists of very many things but of different types and management. I grew from a very poor family and community where it was associated with all sorts of problems such as theft, illiteracy, diseases, unemployment, low incomes, poverty, and early marriage among others which made me misery all the time. We used to grow food for only consumption on a small piece of land and yet we had enough fertile land that was idle.Read More
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